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Arrival price

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The arrival price algorithm is a price-driven order execution algorithm used in financial markets. It aims to execute a trade at the average price prevailing from the time the order is received until it is fully executed. The algorithm takes into account the market conditions and seeks to minimize the impact of the trade on the market price.

The arrival price algorithm works as follows:

  1. Order Placement: The algorithm receives the order to be executed in the market.
  2. Monitoring Market Conditions: The algorithm continuously monitors the market conditions, including price movements, liquidity levels, and other relevant factors.
  3. Timing and Slicing: Based on the prevailing market conditions, the algorithm determines the optimal timing and slicing strategy for executing the order. It may divide the order into smaller-sized trades or choose specific time intervals for execution.
  4. Trade Execution: The algorithm executes the trades according to the determined strategy. It aims to match the prevailing market prices as closely as possible to achieve the arrival price objective.
  5. Adaptive Execution: Throughout the execution process, the algorithm may adjust its strategy based on real-time market information. It may consider factors such as changes in liquidity, order book dynamics, or incoming market data to optimize the execution strategy.

The arrival price algorithm is particularly useful when the trader wants to capture the prevailing market conditions at the time of execution. By aiming for the average price during the execution period, it helps minimize the impact of the trade on the market and reduces the risk of adverse price movements caused by sudden large orders.

It’s important to note that the arrival price algorithm is subject to various market factors and limitations. Market volatility, liquidity conditions, and the speed of order execution can influence the actual execution price achieved. Additionally, the algorithm’s effectiveness depends on the accuracy of the market data and the speed of its decision-making and trade execution capabilities.

Overall, the arrival price algorithm is designed to achieve execution at a fair average price, reflecting the market conditions during the execution period. It helps traders reduce market impact and potentially improve the overall execution quality of their trades.

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June 19, 2023
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