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Hacking market microstructure - what is algo order flow​?

Your goal is simple - sustainable profitable trading as an independent or funded prop firm trader. If you're serious about reaching your goal, start by learning how to differentiate between noise and informed trader order flow. You won't find auction market theory or other subjective fairytales here.

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“Deep understanding of the cause and effect relationships between institutional algorithmic order execution and HFTs will become your edge over other traders.

Let’s talk about how my personal experience as a licensed funded prop firm trader in the USA with a multi-million $ account in buying power can help you on your path of becoming a profitable trader much faster and easier than you could on your own.”


The course packages are designed for anyone who really wants to build a future as a trader

What you will learn here:

Objective and data-based derivation of the following indicators that reflect institutional algo order flow and execution urgency both Intraday and in a weekly sequence:

#square-root rule for market impact of large orders | #volume delta structure and footprints | #relative transaction speed | #open interest levels in futures and futures/ETF options | #delta/gamma-hedging by market makers | #linear regression as urgency forecast tool | #interval VWAP for mean reversion approximation

In addition to a quantitative analysis of order flow, trading stocks also requires a qualitative component in stock selection and how related options and futures influence pricing dynamics. To be able to adapt to dynamic market environment is the key here to be profitable in the long term. Use my many years of experience as an equity prop trader in the US to get the ball rolling.

You are a new to trading and committed to explore the opportunities the financial markets offer. Luckily, you have not been exposed to too much outdated or misleading information. You’re in the right place to plant a seed for a potentially very rewarding career as a trader.

Discretionary trading requires the most discipline but is also the most flexible for adjusting to changing trading environments. Deep knowledge of market microstructure gives you an edge over other traders competing for the same prize by anticipating institutional order flow.

Time horizon: minutes to hours

As a scalper you need to fully understand where you stand in this game of informed, partially-informed and uninformed (you) traders. HFTs own the short end and forecasting too far into the future requires information and resources you don’t have. Understanding algo order flow is your best bet to extract profits from other predators.

Futures are macro-driven derivative products that are primarily used as hedging vehicles by larger market participants. Speculative traders and market makers are the other parties providing temporary liquidity in this game. Understanding market microstructure and how these players interact is the key to becoming a profitable funded prop firm trader.

The trading pits died long ago but its outdated terminology and concepts survive to this day. It’s time to open your mind and replace the old with the new. Algorithmic trading drives the markets, so you owe it to yourself to get a better understanding of the difference between institutional versus HFT algos.

You are working on an automated system but you still struggle to differentiate range from trend periods. Similar to Newtonian mechanics where momentum = mass • velocity, we can use the square root rule to anticipate the market impact of urgent order flow. Learn more inside.

Time horizon: hours to days

You only want to take very selective trades per day or week and identify locations with favorable risk/reward. Learn how order execution algos react when prices move away from their benchmark to confirm trends or pre-emptively exit trades before your stop gets hit.


Online self-study plus optional performance coaching and on-site training

Complete the online-course modules in the CEED.accelerator
Duration: 2-4 weeks

The course modules 01-08 of the CEED.accelerator give us the necessary foundation so that we speak “a common language” based on objective terminology.

Of course, I will also personally support you here via chat or regular video meetings.

1-on1- weekly coaching in the CEED.mastermind
Duration: 3-12 months 100%

Additional performance coaching and accountability session packages are available to CEED.accelerator graduates.

The purpose of the CEED.mastermind is to guide you in your trader development after completing the theory portion of your trader education. You don’t need to go it alone on your way to profitable trading.

Live-Training On-Site | CEED.seminar
Duration: 2 days (Sat+Sun)

In the optional weekend seminar we will do an in-depth review of the course concepts with Q&A followed by their theoretical implementation with various trading platforms. Available in Budapest or Frankurt a.M. (other locations upon request).

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1-On-1 Coaching On-Site | CEED.workshop
Duration: 5 days (Mon-Fri)

In the optional Live-Trading-Workshop with 1-On-1-Coaching we will work on the practical implementation of algo order flow concepts. It’s available in Budapest or Frankurt a.M. (other locations upon request).

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Your path to becoming a profitable independent or funded prop firm trader starts here.

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"Made about 2% long JD & PDD each and was eventually stopped out after I kept rebuying and selling higher. Almost $400! And thanks again for the quick meeting. Thank you, Markus"
Phillip, Switzerland
Funded Futures and Equities Trader
"Hi, I just finished the Market Ecosystem Analysis module and I'm totally inspired by the content. Such an awesome deduction why it's even possible to develop an edge and all of it based on empirical facts and figures. This creates trust in trading and the much needed portion of emotional support that I was desperately looking for. I'm happy that I decided to join your program!"
Nick, Germany
Funded Futures Trader
"The knowledge that Markus conveys is fundamentally different from most other courses. Overall, my third cousre and probably the best futures and stock trading course in the German-speaking world."
Thomas, Germany
Funded Equites and Futures Trader


Stop postponing your future! Take initiative now to become a profitable funded prop firm trader.

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Markus Varga
MBA, Founder of CEED.trading
Former FINRA Series 3, 7, 55, 63
Equities and Futures Trader
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