How long does it take to complete this trader trading program?

The typical timeline of the trader training program may vary depending on your previous experience:

Month 1: Work through the course materials, complete the assignments, and pass the quizzes and exams. Complete your trading plan, formulate a strategy integrating the course concepts, and start trading a small account in a simulated environment.

Month 2:  Daily recaps will provide you with valuable feedback on available trading opportunities and how you performed in comparison.

Month 3+: Increase size once your expectancy is consistently positive and switch from simulation to trading challenge or real-money account.

Ideally, you should trade a live real-money account from the very beginning. The influence of emotions and stress response cannot be simulated realistically in a demo account. Having “skin in the game” while trading in simulation mode or a prop trading challenge is a step in the right direction.

Is there a guarantee that I will make money as a trader after completing the training program?

No. The primary purpose of the program is to increase your odds of success or improve your current results if you’re already profitable.

What makes CEED.trading different from other trader education programs?

The trading pits with human traders are gone — the associated concepts and terminology are obsolete now and need to be replaced with an objective framework to make sense of price formation.

First, you need to fully understand market microstructure from a perspective of institutional order execution algorithms and HFTs. Feed your trader intuition by understanding the strengths and the weaknesses of other market participants instead of trying to find patterns in noisy charts based on random technical indicators.

The trader training program consists of basic and advanced course modules:

CEED.basics covers general trading topics based on publicly available information about value (edge) preservation techniques that every trader needs to know about in finding the balance between minimizing risk and maximizing return. These are necessary for properly implementing your edge or executing your strategy.

CEED.accelerator explains how, why, and when informed (institutional), partially-informed (HFTs), and uninformed (noise) traders interact in today’s algo-driven markets. These course modules are concerned with value (edge) creation or developing what you perceive to be your advantage over other traders.

CEED.mastermind is designed to assist you in the implementation phase of your trading plan based on the principles from the CEED.accelerator and includes personal support and weekly 1-on-1 coaching sessions.


Who is this course program made for?

CEED.trading’s fundamental mission is to promote independent thought and decision-making.

You may have already experienced that you seem to intuitively make the “wrong” trading decisions, it’s not your intuition that’s to blame but the “counter-intuitive” information you used to train it with. You’re in the right place to feed your intuition using an objective framework instead of fiction.

If you’re not ready or willing to retrain your intuition and unlearn concepts that simply don’t work for you, then this course program is not for you.


Do you have a referral or affiliate program?

Yes, after the free registration to our site you are automatically assigned affiliate status and may refer friends and family. The referral commission is 10% of the respective membership fee and increases to 20% for current members or graduates of the paid programs.

What’s the difference between the Accelerator and the Mastermind membership?

In the CEED.accellerator membership, you will learn about the foundation and practical applications of reading algo order flow. The CEED.mastermind membership is subscription-based and designed to assist you in the implementation of the newly acquired ideas and concepts with weekly coaching and personal chat support.


Do I need a finance or math background to complete the trader training?

Don’t worry, a basic understanding of math and probabilities coupled with a commitment to learning is enough. In addition to 12/7 chat and email support, our community of shared learning will be there to help you if necessary.

Above all, you need to be open to replace outdated concepts, forget any limitations you think you have, and start with a beginner’s mind.

Do I need a live trading account to complete the course modules?

For the best learning experience, the advanced courses require access to a simulator or live trading account to complete the assignments and exercises.

If you don’t have a demo or live futures account yet, we recommend selecting a broker that supports Sierra Chart with Advanced Features (Service package 5) as we use it in the course modules and the weekly strategy recaps.

Do I need to complete the basic courses before starting the advanced courses?

In short: no. The purpose of the basic courses is to give you a feel for the overall course structure and presentation of course materials. If your’re new to futures trading, we strongly recommend that you first exhaust freely available education resources such as the CME’s education portal or an introduction to futures and options at EUREX.

Once you’re familiar with the basics, you can start with the Trading Plan Development module and complete each section of the plan as you go through each subsequent course module.


How can I pay with crypto?

Add your product to the cart first and then click Proceed to checkout. Select the Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies option and then click Proceed to Coinbase. Choose the crypto of your choice to complete the payment. Done!

What forms of payment do you accept?

You can pay with debit or credit card via PayPal. We also accept Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies through the Coinbase gateway.

What is your refund policy?

In order to protect the investment of our current members, there is no refund for paid membership packages. The advanced courses include ideas and concepts that are proprietary to CEED.trading and absolutely unique in the trading education field.

If you want to test drive the site’s functionality, simply register for free to access the CEED.basics course modules before upgrading to the paid memberships.


Can I apply algo order flow principles across different asset classes?

Yes, absolutely. The focus of the course materials is on understanding the mechanics of and reactions of other market participants to institutional order execution algorithms, which are deployed by across all asset classes from stocks, futures, and FX to liquid crypto currencies.

What is CEED.funding and who is eligible for it?

CEED.funding assists traders in acquiring trading capital for remote proprietary trading opportunities. In the near future, it will also offer evaluations for traders trading the US stock market to qualify for funded trading accounts.

What is Delta.PivotTM?

Delta.PivotTM is a proprietary marker for identifying the urgency and direction of order flow. You’ll learn all about it in 06 Algo Order Flow Strategies.

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