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06 Algo Order Flow Strategies


Learning outcomes

Based on the findings from 05 Market Ecosystem Analysis, this course module explores methods for interpreting algo order flow including CEED.trading’s proprietary Delta.PivotTM.

You will learn how to:

  • apply four powerful  techniques to identify and trade alongside algo order flow that are really going to improve your trading,
  • read the corresponding reaction of HFTs and other opportunistic traders,
  • align your trade entries and exits accordingly for low risk/high reward opportunities, and
  • create alerts and automate strategies in Sierra Chart.


  • Unit quizzes and the course exam reinforce knowledge retention and your understanding of the presented material.
  • You will be encouraged to expand on the presented concepts with your own ideas in the unit assignments.

Recommended reading

  • selected industry resources intended for buy-side institutions and
  • basics of game theory.


After completing this course module, you will have access to regularly updated trading strategy examples on CEED.recaps.

Passing the exam is required for starting/applying to the 07 Master Mind Trader Group, which gives you the opportunity to apply and sharpen your order flow reading skills in practice with regular weekly feedback and personal guidance.

Course Curriculum

What's my edge?
060 Defining the Game – Introduction 00:08:00
Order Flow Markers
061 Chart Tools and Studies 00:14:00
062 Signed Order Flow and Delta.Pivot Footprint 00:15:00
063 Order Flow Symmetry and Price Impact Decay 00:00:00
Alerts and Trade Automation
064 Sierra Chart Alerts and Trade Automation 00:00:00


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