What makes CEED.trading different from other trader education programs?

The trading pits with human traders are gone — the associated concepts and terminology are obsolete now and need to be replaced with an objective framework to make sense of price formation.

First, you need to fully understand market microstructure from a perspective of institutional order execution algorithms and HFTs. Feed your trader intuition by understanding the strengths and the weaknesses of other market participants instead of trying to find patterns in noisy charts based on random technical indicators.

The trader training program consists of basic and advanced course modules:

CEED.basics covers general trading topics based on publicly available information about value (edge) preservation techniques that every trader needs to know about in finding the balance between minimizing risk and maximizing return. These are necessary for properly implementing your edge or executing your strategy.

CEED.accelerator explains how, why, and when informed (institutional), partially-informed (HFTs), and uninformed (noise) traders interact in today’s algo-driven markets. These course modules are concerned with value (edge) creation or developing what you perceive to be your advantage over other traders.

CEED.mastermind is designed to assist you in the implementation phase of your trading plan based on the principles from the CEED.accelerator and includes personal support and weekly 1-on-1 coaching sessions.


January 3, 2020
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