05 Market Ecosystem Analysis


Learning outcomes

In this advanced course you will learn about market microstructure and in particular:

  • how the investment process and order execution benchmarks of institutions drive their trading decisions,
  • how market makers and HFTs possibly detect and react to institutional order flow, and
  • where you stand as an individual among other opportunistic traders in today’s algo-driven futures and equities markets.


  • Hands-on exercises emulating order execution algorithms will reinforce your learning process and understanding of the market’s microstructure from the perspective of institutional trader types.
  • Unit quizzes and the course exam reinforce knowledge retention and your understanding of the presented material.

Recommended reading

  • selected industry resources intended for buy-side institutions and
  • research on how HFT activity affects market liquidity and the intra-day profitability of different trader types.


The findings of this course module are the foundation for developing a framework for exploiting the constraints of other market participants in 06 Algo Order Strategies.

Course Curriculum

050 Market Ecosystem – Introduction 00:05:00
Who are the players in the game?
051 General Market Framework 00:09:00
052 Long-Term Fundamental Traders 00:20:00
052 Assignment — Institutional order execution algo simulation 10, 00:00
053 High Frequency Traders and Market Makers 00:12:00
054 Opportunistic Traders 00:12:00
055 Exchanges and Alternative Trading Venues 00:10:00
Course module exam
056 Module exam 01:00:00
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  • 60 Days
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