03 Emotional Reactivity in Trading


Trading is riddled with potentially very costly psychological pitfalls for the unprepared mind. There are many cognitive biases that can influence a trader’s decision-making, but simply knowing about how they influence decision-making is not enough. There are other mental factors that may lead to a gap between knowledge and performance.

The objective of this course is to gain self-awareness of your weaknesses and strengths and bridge this performance gap.

Practical application of the presented mitigation techniques will help you minimize – if not eliminate – costly

  1. mental errors due to cognitive biases and
  2. stress-induced emotional reactions based on anger, fear, greed and doubt.


This course module will give you ideas on how to approach self-assessment and improving your mental game. You are the key human resource of your business so treat yourself as such to reach your trading goals.

Course Curriculum

Cognitive biases
031 Personal Awareness 00:15:00
032 Emotional Reactivity 00:13:00
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