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From beginner to pro in 5 easy steps

STEP 1 - Follow instructions to set up demo accounts and start trading to earn points
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STEP 2 - Earn points for completing quizzes in 01-04 and get bonus points for positive trading weeks
STEP 3 - Unlock and complete course modules 05-06
STEP 4 - Stock traders move on to complete course module 07
STEP 5 - Complete your trading plan and start trading your live account with one of our recommended brokers
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Our preferred brokers

US Stocks - Commission rebate for CEED.members

Forex - Full transparency with detailed trade fill receipts

What are CEED.credits and how can I earn them?

CEED.trader.prep participants can unlock advanced course access with CEED.credits. The purpose is to incentivize developing and maintaining disciplined trading habits and work flows.


You can earn points for:

– 25 points for completing quizzes in the CEED.basics (01-04) course modules,

– 25 points for submitting your weekly sim-trading transactions every Friday

– 25 bonus points for a positive net P/L for the week


Special bonus for LUX Trading participants:

– 25 bonus points for signing up

– 25 bonus points for getting funded


Lux Trading Firm - Funded Accounts for Forex and CFD Traders through Global Prime

What are the minimum criteria for a qualifying trading week?

– trade on at least 4 out of 5 days of respective week

– complete 20 round-trip trades in respective week

– notional value > $100,000 for stocks and FX


NOTE: to remain eligible for earning CEED.credits, you also need to submit your weekly transactions even if you did not meet the minimum criteria for that week!

What are the general criteria for staying eligible to earn CEED.credits?

– you need to maintain the CEED.trading.journal and submit your weekly transactions (even for weeks that do not meet the criteria for a qualifying trading week)

– you must manage your risk prudently and stay clear of the total max. drawdown of 30%.

Violation of the max. drawdown requires a sim-account reset to continue and 50 CEED.credits will be deducted from your points balance.

How many CEED.credits are required for unlocking advanced courses?

You need to earn the following point balance before you can unlock advanced course access:

– 200 points for 05 CTP.edition

– 200 points for 06 CTP.edition

– 200 points for 07 CEED.equity.trader

How long does it take to earn enough points for completing all advanced course modules?

Here’s a sample timeline for earning course access with the fastest possible time to reach each level highlighted in the respective color*:



Example: if you also earn a bonus for positive weekly P/L every week, then the fastest possible time to reach 400 points is 6 weeks.


*NOTE: points for 07 CTP must be earned while trading US stocks and submitting respective weekly assignments through Medved Trader

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