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The focus of the advanced CEED.accelerator course modules is on developing an edge based on identifying institutional order flow and how HFTs and other speculators react to it.

Understanding algo-driven market microstructure will give you a research-based framework for anticipating the actions of market-moving institutional order execution algorithms. You will learn how to exploit informed trader order flow based on understanding the order execution objectives and constraints of big asset managers, hedge funds, and commodity trading firms. Key concepts are Delta.footprint, Delta.pivot and interval VWAP symmetry.

It gives you a systematic approach to learning order flow analysis from the ground up instead of second-guessing what the cause-and-effect relationships of price formation could be.

Completion of 06 Algo Order Flow Strategies will unlock your access to the regular strategy and trading opportunity recaps to put your newly gained knowledge to real practice. Passing the exam is also a requirement for applying to the 07 Master Mind Trader Group (limited number of seats available).

The course fee is a monthly subscription which gives you access to the advanced courses and the strategy recaps. Upon request, you will receive guidance in the preparation for and completion of trading challenges and combines at remote prop trading firms.

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