07 Mastermind Trader Group


Completing 06 Algo Order Flow Strategies is required before joining the Mastermind Trader Group. It is also recommended to complete a trading plan similar to the template found in 01 Trading Plan Development.

Upon acceptance into the CEED.trading Mastermind Trader Group, you make a commitment to your success and receive personal 1-on-1 coaching while you’re implementing the concepts from the CEED.accelerator into your trading process. As part of this mastermind group we will:

  • meet 1x per week via ZOOM or Skype to work together towards your trading goals,
  • appreciate achievements and progress together, and
  • provide feedback and suggestions for further performance and process improvements.

Note: The participation in this program requires a live and funded trading account or active participation in a trading challenge/combine. Don’t worry, the account size doesn’t matter. Everyone receives the same benefits of this coaching program.

Course Curriculum

No curriculum found !
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